State: South Carolina
Chronic Condition: Endometriosis

“I have faced many hurdles in my life because of endometriosis, which I think many people who suffer with chronic illnesses can relate to. One major obstacle was that I chose to withdraw from pharmacy school twice because of my health. I suffered with daily pelvic pain while attending pharmacy school and I couldn’t handle it along with studying, which led me to make this hard decision. Also, I needed to have multiple surgeries and there was no way I could have these surgeries while attending pharmacy school. Many people who have chronic illnesses may have to change careers, lose relationships with friends and family, and are unable to work. Another major obstacle that I have faced is not being able to have children. I made the difficult decision to have a hysterectomy at 23 years old in hopes that I would be able to attend pharmacy school for a second time, but I had to withdraw again and decided to attend college online and received my Master in Public Health degree. Endometriosis took away my ability to carry a child and I would never want this for anyone.”