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Amy Sparks (She/Her/Hers)

State: North Carolina

Chronic Conditions: Multiple sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression

I was diagnosed with MS in 2002. While there has been considerable progress, people are still clueless about what MS is and how it impacts people's lives. Symptoms come and go and are often invisible, making it difficult for others to understand the dramatic impact MS has on our lives. After a successful IT career, I am now on disability and using a wheelchair.

If MS patients don't advocate for ourselves, how can we expect others to do so? Ignorance is the most dangerous weapon impacting those of us with MS. We need to spread the word to help fellow MS patients and the people with whom we interact so that we can all work together compassionately and effectively. I use my initials - AES - to focus my efforts on Advocacy, Education, and Support. Check out my blog to learn more and to get connected!