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July is Chronic Disease Month. Get Involved and Take Action!

Breanna "Bee" Lynn Romaine-Guiliano

State: New York

Chronic Conditions: Endometriosis, Degenerative Joint & Skeletal Conditions, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Breanna “Bee” Lynn has been fighting Endometriosis and related comorbidities for 16 years. After surviving sarcoma (cancer) in 2012, they realized how much needs to change for young adult care in the USA. After 13 surgeries, over 10 organs removed, and countless procedures, Bee has experienced trauma first-hand at by the medical system and advocates to change this for patients moving forward.

Bee is a non-binary micro-influencer on Tiktok, with community of over 60,000 followers and counting across social media platforms. Known as the “Mean Patient Advocate”, Bee uses their experience in video editing and digital art to bring this character to life and tell stories, spread awareness and educate able bodied individuals about chronic and long term conditions. They also co-founded the Endometriosis Crisis Connection and serves as a resource manager, helping to provide advocates for warriors in need and are Editor/Co-host of the “EndoTrauma” Podcast. You can hear about bee’s LGBTQA patient rights advocacy on popular podcasts, Various Clubhouse room and at chronic illness conferences.

A trained NYS emergency room and patient advocate, with a background in medical research and public speaking, Bee stands up daily for patients in the hospital and non-profit setting in order to prevent delays in access to proper care. They have a passion in breaking the stigma against chronic disease management by bringing taboo topics to social media spaces.