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Erika Wolfe

State: Oregon

Chronic Condition: Diabetes

I have been managing diabetes for over 50 years. It has never been easy but is more manageable with technology such as a continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump. I have worked as an EMT on an ambulance and in disaster response and received a Certificate in Patient Advocacy from Cleveland State University/The Cleveland Clinic.

I currently work as a Community Care Navigator for a small rural hospital.

While working as a Patient Advocate, and earlier as an EMT, I met many people who do not understand their condition, do not understand how to ask for help from their providers, or even understand that they have a right to education and the autonomy to make decisions regarding their care.

A patient advocate needs to have a strong drive for justice and having witnessed much needless suffering, I have a passion to help people be healthy and live the best life possible. Whether that is advocating in a healthcare setting, or advocating for policy changes.