Chronic Disease Coalition

The Chronic Disease Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of chronic disease patients against discriminatory policies and practices.

The Coalition was founded in 2015 and has since worked to advocate for people living with long-term or lifelong health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, MS, psoriasis, cancer and other chronic diseases.

We are patients, family members, health care providers, advocacy groups, medical professionals and others who care deeply about the needs of the millions of Americans with chronic diseases.

Lauren Garetto
Lauren Garetto
Director of Communications

Lauren joined the Chronic Disease Coalition in 2020 to act as the organization’s director of communications. Lauren has years of media relations experience, working for both global and local organizations. With her experience, she oversees the CDC’s earned and social media efforts.

Lauren is passionate about storytelling and is proud to share the amazing work of the Chronic Disease Coalition and its members.

Erin Foote Morgan
Erin Foote Morgan
Interim Executive Director

Erin Foote Morgan joined the Chronic Disease Coalition in 2020 to lead the organization’s strategic communications and stakeholder engagement efforts as assistant director.

Erin has spent the past 15 years supporting people and organizations to shape complicated public policy outcomes in social services, housing and transportation, with a strong emphasis on inclusion of underrepresented voices. Most recently Erin served as executive director of a non-profit devoted to civic engagement in government decision-making.

With a Master’s degree in journalism, a decade of experience as a writer and editor, and a background as former principal of a strategic communications firm, Erin understands the power of storytelling and believes strongly that even one voice can change the world.

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Bryan Dorn
Bryan Dorn
Digital Media Manager

Bryan joined the Chronic Disease Coalition in 2019. His primary role focuses on developing social media strategy, content creation and boosting engagement through online interactions.

In addition to social media, Bryan works closely with CDC Ambassadors to develop digital opportunities that raise awareness about chronic diseases and the issues patients face. He hopes to utilize multimedia to stop the stigma surrounding chronic disease and create positive social and political change for chronic patients everywhere.

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