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The Case For Whole Health Care

Thursday, June 22 — Especially for those managing a chronic disease, getting to “wellness” is more than a doctor’s visit and proper medication. Wellness is also the everyday choices we make to take care of ourselves. This is especially important for Americans living with chronic illnesses.

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Time To Take Action For Chronic Disease Month

Thursday, July 27 — Every July, the country recognizes Chronic Disease Month and the progress made by and for patients. This is a key time to amplify the experiences of those living with chronic disease and recommit to advocating for patient-centered policymaking.

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Representation For Rare Diseases

Thursday, August 24 — Chronic disease impacts nearly half, or 133 million, Americans—with only 1 in 10 having a rare disease.

Rare disease patients often face a variety of representation obstacles, but the rarity of their condition doesn't make the impacts of bad health care policy any less real. In fact, it can easily exacerbate it.

Hear from rare disease patients and advocates about what you can do to elevate rare disease voices and protect patient access in legislatures across the country.

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Protecting Our Healthcare Workforce

Thursday, September 28 — Staffing shortages, increased costs, new mandates, training requirements and more are all impacting the health care system. Lack of trained professionals to care for a growing chronic disease community is a scary reality that we must work together to address. Above all, we need to ensure providers can give the highest quality treatment to their patients.

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Navigating Insurance Open Enrollment

Thursday, October 26 — Open enrollment is around the corner. At the Chronic Disease Coalition, we advocate regularly for policy solutions to harmful utilization management practices that make treatment less affordable and accessible to patients. We work hard to change the way chronic patients are covered by their insurance.

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Our 2024 Policy Priorities

Thursday, December 21 — We’re celebrating a year of powerful advocacy!

Join legislators, advocates, partners and others to learn more about what happened in 2023 and where the Coalition's policy priorities will be for 2024 in this special end of year Chronic University session.

We look forward to advocating with you in the new year.

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