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Chronic Influencer 101

Join us for Chronic Influencer 101, the first class in our Chronic University series. Our syllabus includes 10 tips to becoming a chronic illness influencer, and a live webinar featuring experts who will teach you what you need to know to take your chronic advocacy to the next level.

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Advocating for Patients 101

If your state government is making laws that affect you and your family, shouldn’t you have a voice about it? But how do you get heard? But how do you get patient-forward legislation passed? What do lawmakers need to know? How can you help them make decisions that support chronically ill patients and families?

State and federal policy significantly impact our ability to work and care for our families. Our access to health care is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment, and well-regulated health insurance policies can keep us out of poverty.

The only way we can live up to our potential, contribute to society, and build the lives we want is to have state and federal policies that support us.

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