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Medigap plans (or Medicare supplemental insurance policies) cover some of the medication and treatment costs that traditional Medicare does not pay. The policies are offered through private insurance companies. Any American over the age of 65 can get Medicare and buy a Medigap plan.

The story is different for Medicare patients under 65, many of whom are living with a chronic illness. Although they qualify for Medicare, depending on their state, they may not have adequate access to a Medigap plan. They also may be forced to pay a higher rate than other Medicare patients. Access to medigap provides opportunities for patients to receive life-saving and sometimes out of reach treatment options.

Learn the basics about medigap and how we can expand access to this crucial health option in this Chronic University session.

Meet the Speakers

KH headshot

Kara Nett Hinkley, MPP

Vice President of State Policy

ALS Association


Elizabeth Lively

Eastern Region Advocacy Director

Dialysis Patient Citizens

Jean Steve Kay

Steve and Jean Kay

Steve Kay took a job in North Dakota — 600 miles from his home in North Platte — so his wife could have adequate coverage to treat her multiple sclerosis.