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Brooke Epps (She/Her)

State: Colorado

Chronic Condition: Epilepsy

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 18. Though I accepted my doctor’s diagnosis, I was in denial that anything was truley wrong. I rarely saw my neurologist and never told anyone I had Epilepsy. As years passed my Epilepsy worsened and I had to come out of the Epilepsy “closet”. It had become both physically dangerous and I was having bouts of depression. Eventually I reached out to the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. I joined a social group for adults with Epilepsy and started participating in several events. The more I reached out, I found a built in community of like minded people. People who wanted to support one another and take action! As I continue on this journey, I’ve learned how important it is for those of us within the chronic illness community to support one another, so that we can live lives beyond just our diagnosis.

I advocate because having a chronic illness helps me to appreciate the impacts good health has on every element of our lives. By sharing my story, I can help to fight unethical insurance practices. Help to educate healthcare professionals, policy makers and the public. And promote universal access to affordable healthcare.

Brooke also advocates with:

Advocate with Chronic Care Collaborative
W.e C.A.R.E (Wyoming and Colorado adults redefining Epilepsy) group leader