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CJ Walker

State: Virginia

Chronic Condition: Diabetes

My chronic journey began in March of 2019 when a routine doctor’s appointment and blood work revealed I had type 2 diabetes. Although I was non-symptomatic, I have a deep family history of diabetes, a sibling being diagnosed a week earlier, and gestational diabetes with two of her three pregnancies. I had immediately made significant lifestyle changes, including changing my diet and incorporating exercise. After three months, my A1C dropped to a non-diabetic level.

Currently, I'm still maintaining a non-diabetic A1C and sharing my story to anyone who will listen. I run a blog called The Genetic Diabetic. I'm currently involved with my local DiabetesSisters support group, volunteer with the Virginia Diabetes Council and serve as an American Diabetes Association Advocate/Influencer. I'm currently active in Beyond Type 2, Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes Team and Healthline TD2 online communities.

When I advocate, I become an interpreter for those who are scared, lonely, frustrated and those who are desperately seeking answers about navigating chronic illness but are not able to advocate for themselves.