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Elizabeth Oldham

State: Ohio

Chronic Conditions: Kidney Disease, Hypertension

My family has a history of heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. I have been a caregiver to family members afflicted by diabetes and end stage renal disease. After finding out about chronic kidney disease and the prevalence in the African American community I tried to educate myself. It was because I learned to self advocate I found out I had kidney disease. I consulted with a nephrologist, cardiologist, and endocrinologist to learn more about my disease. I joined the American Kidney Foundation as a volunteer and later became an advocate. Since being diagnosed with kidney disease I guard my health. I eat a heart healthy diet, exercise and follow up with my medical team.

I advocate to bring education and awareness about the devastation of chronic disease and I advocate for education, and early disease detection. Health disparities exist because of economic, social and racial issues. I want to help make healthcare available for everyone. I volunteer at health fairs and community organizations to educate my community about education and early detection of chronic diseases. I advocate to help our elected officials hear from patients and become educated to initiate and pass legislation for better healthcare and accessibility to healthcare.

I am an active volunteer/advocate with the National Kidney Foundation. I am an active kidney health coach and advocate with the American Kidney Fund. I am actively involved with cancer programs with The Gathering Place. I attend virtual webinars for all chronic disease organizations and I am on the mailing lists also. I am passionate about helping educate and acquire early detection of all chronic diseases. I am an honest and compassionate patient advocate.