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Michael and Christina Gilchrist (He/Him + She/Her)

State: Utah

Chronic Conditions: Kidney Disease, Complement 3 Glomerulopathy (C3G)

Christina and Michael Gilchrist have quickly become known as "BLIND CHICK LIVING" & "THE CARETAKER" but who could forget Christina's service dog MOOSE "THE POMSKY SERVICE DOG". Christina has a jaw dropping kidney journey: early teens kidney disease diagnosed, pregnant in early 20's doctor missed toxemia resulting in seizures which caused retina and optic nerve imploded causing blindness biting off half her tongue and high blood pressure which total kidney failure, oldest brother donated kidney, unfortunately rejected within 2 years, asked if she could do home dialysis "NO!! YOU ARE BLIND", started doing in center dialysis 5+yrs plus doing all the tasks of a young single mother received the call again and had a cadaveric kidney donated, decided with this she was going to start LIVING and having fun that is where Michael slid into Christina's DM's!!, started having the time of her life with Michael but started rejected her donated kidney within 2 years again, INSISTED on doing Peritoneal Dialysis and would not take no for an answer, kept living on PD doing dialysis all over from dry camping with solar panels to vacations, got married and did PD on honeymoon and yes even on the back of a motorcycle!!, PD stopped being effective so transitioned to home hemo with Michaels help, Michael felt he needed support and not being able to find a support group that fit his needs he started his own. That was the start of LIVING on dialysis!! We have traveled all over the country advocating for dialysis and sharing how we are LIVING!!, in fact our dialysis machine is in our hotel room right now!! If any of you want to see our set up, please ask. As you can see Christina and Michaels story is very jaw dropping so just #blindchickliving and you can follow us on our journey. "I don't live to do dialysis, I DO DIALYSIS TO LIVE", "Don't tell me I can't, show me how I can!"