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There is no way that an organization like the Chronic Disease Coalition doesn't get to the end of the year without a huge amount of gratitude! Our whole purpose is to be a platform and energizer for the patient voice in healthcare policy, and our patients blew us away this year.

As our board chair Wendy Schrag said in the opening of our 2023 Impact Report:

“While working nationally, we’re connecting personally. Nothing beats the effectiveness of engaging individuals. Even while we expanded our use of digital media to reach thousands more people, the ultimate goal was still to build relationships and connect patients with advocates, lawmakers and the CDC. As a result, our ambassador program grew, our partnerships with other organizations got deeper, and more legislators participated in our educational work. Perhaps most importantly, more legislators heard directly from their constituents.”

Like all national advocacy organizations, we truly rely on social media to reach people across the country, but the biggest kick always comes from the personal relationships.

We spent time with you, you spent time with lawmakers and reporters, and we helped get laws passed. The end of the year is always an important time to take a beat and see where we made a difference by working together.

Please take a minute to look at our 2023 Impact Report— it’s an impressive one, and we could not do it without you.


A successful 2023 makes us excited for 2024!

We’re fired up to continue to open doors for patients, and you’ll see us lean in on a few areas:

Thank you all again, for everything you’ve done for us this year! Have a warm, safe and happy new year, and we’ll see you in 2024!