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4.4.17 Asking a loved one or friend to consider being tested to become a donor is just one of the myriad challenges faced by someone with kidney failure. To help promote awareness of the importance of living donors, Zach Braff, director of the upcoming film “Going in Style,” has lent his voice to a campaign for the National Kidney Foundation. “Going in Style” is about three lifelong friends who buck retirement and hatch to plan to rob a bank responsible for losing their pensions. Morgan Freeman plays the character Willie, who is in another desperate situation – he’s a kidney patient undergoing dialysis who learns he must find a kidney donor. According to National Kidney Foundation, “the timing couldn’t be more perfect.” April is National Donate Life Month, and "Going in Style" opens nationwide on April 7. “With nearly 100,000 Americans on the wait list for a kidney transplant, organ donation is vital to our mission,” NKF wrote in a recent newsletter. “This year, only about 18,000 people will receive a kidney; one-third of which will come from living donors. Considering these statistics, we couldn’t be happier that Hollywood is bringing the conversation about kidney health and organ donation to the forefront.”