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By Nathaniel Brown, director of advocacy

Like many of our favorite college basketball teams, some key state legislatures around the country have gone home in March. A handful of states we’re keeping a close eye on – Oregon, Washington state, Florida, and Virginia – all adjourned this month, each having made important progress and acknowledging unfinished business.

For other states – California, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania – the game is still going strong. Some, like Arizona and Kentucky, are moving through the second half expecting to hear the final whistle in the coming weeks and months.

Final Scores

Now that the game’s over for some, we’re counting our wins and noting where we’ll need to come back stronger next year.

Playing Offense

Several states are just now passing the halfway point in their legislative sessions, and some will go all year long.

You can find the Chronic Disease Coalition cheering from the front row.

What the Players Have to Say

The highlight within all this March madness has been our Chronic University webinar focused on the kidney patient experience. If you couldn’t join us, it’s a must-watch. We hosted two patient advocates – Gil Dong from California and Elizabeth Oldham from Ohio – who courageously shared their stories about battling kidney disease. We were also joined by Deborah Darcy, with the American Kidney Fund, who spoke about the need for federal solutions to the issues Gil and Elizabeth – and the 37 million other Americans with kidney disease – face daily.

Asm. Ash Kalra spoke about his Living Donor Reimbursement bill in California, and Rep. Brianna Titone discussed her leadership in passing a chronic kidney disease task force bill in Colorado last year. Both elected officials underscored the need to have people with lived experience making these decisions. It was an incredible conversation.

The Clock is Still Running

While we’re taking stock of wins and losses in some states, the work continues. Join our team!