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You know the saying about April showers… well, before we turn our sights to sunnier skies in May (fingers crossed), the CDC team is hoping you’ll take action before Donate Life Month ends.

This is our moment to shine a spotlight on the incredible generosity of organ donors and why their contributions are so crucial. Take part in our ongoing push for the federal Living Donor Protection Act by sending a quick message to your congressional representatives. It's a big deal, and it will change lives, so let's make sure everyone knows about it.

Even in gloomy April, there have been some bright moments. South Carolina is making strides with their living organ donor protection act. Over in Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed problematic PDAB legislation that would have limited choices for patients that depend on high-cost treatments. Alaska's Senate has officially resolved to raise awareness about chronic kidney disease.

And, even though the legislative session in Wisconsin has concluded, our advocacy efforts are far from over. We collaborated with a local caregiver advocate on an op-ed calling for step therapy reform, particularly for individuals dealing with serious mental illness.

Sharing your story to anyone who will listen is a key part of the advocacy process — whether the Legislature is in session or not.

We’re continuing to see a lot of movement on bills that remove barriers to treatment for patients — like step therapy reform in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado and Rhode Island. These bills would streamline the step therapy process and provide a clear exception for patients that need the exact treatment prescribed by their provider (which, of course, is every patient!).

On the affordability front, we’re tracking big bills that would ban copay accumulator programs in Ohio, Missouri, California, and Tennessee. PBM reform proposals are also still moving through the Legislatures in California, Maine, Michigan, and Alaska.

As most folks in the policy world know, big states like California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New York are often bellwethers for the rest of the states. If we can pass certain policies there, the path is easier elsewhere — and that is why we’re turning up the volume on two important bills in California this month.

AB 2180 would ban copay accumulator programs. SB 1236 would expand Medigap access to residents. And if you live in the Golden State, you can take action on BOTH bills at the Chronic Disease Coalition website. We need your help to get these over the finish line this year.

If you need assistance or have questions about ongoing initiatives, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support you every step of the way.