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Twice a month, we share quick advocacy tips and insights that you can use right away to become a better chronic advocate. This week, learn how nonprofit hospitals rank in your state, how to preserve treatment for patients in Oregon, how to find a group of likeminded advocates and more in our bi-weekly advocacy update!

1. See January wins and February opportunities


Legislative sessions are beginning to ramp up in most states around the country, and that means we as patient advocates have another real opportunity to drive change in the health care system. With unending gridlock in DC, especially in a presidential election year, state capitols are once again center stage in the fight for better patient outcomes. At the Chronic Disease Coalition, we have our eye on bills in at least 13 states so far in 2024 — you can check out our up-to-date policy map for the latest.

2. New report shows profits over patient care

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Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) released a new set of Nonprofit Hospital Scorecards, this time highlighting how nonprofit hospitals in Arkansas, North Dakota, and South Dakota are putting profits before patients. In these states, nonprofit hospitals are charging patients huge markups, skimping on charity care, and leaving consumers with mountains of medical debt. See how your state stacks up.

3. Support PBM transparency in Oregon

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In recent years, numerous small and local pharmacies in Oregon, particularly in rural areas, have shut down due to low reimbursements from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), negatively impacting vulnerable residents with chronic conditions. A bipartisan bill proposes licensing PBMs in Oregon, mandating fee disclosure, preventing retaliation against pharmacies for raising concerns, and placing limits on pharmacy audits, marking a significant stride in preserving treatment access for Oregonians. Take action now

4. Identify where to take action in your state

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The CDC Policy Map is a continuously updated tool to track important legislation that impacts chronic disease patients. We built the Policy Map for the busy advocate who doesn’t have time to track individual bills on a daily basis, but wants to be knowledgeable about what’s happening in their state, and a one-stop-shop for advocates wanting to understand the state-level policy landscape. Don’t see a bill you care about on the map? Email nathaniel@chronicdiseasecoalition.orgto discuss adding it to our list.

5. Find your community of advocates

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As a chronic disease patient, sometimes it can feel like you don’t have a voice in the American health care system. We are here to change that! As a Chronic Disease Coalition Ambassador, you will be actively involved in creating local, state and national change to protect chronic disease patient rights — and have fun alongside likeminded patient advocates. Join the ambassador program!