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By Nathaniel Brown, director of advocacy

Legislative sessions are beginning to ramp up in most states around the country, and that means we as patient advocates have another real opportunity to drive change in the health care system. With unending gridlock in DC, especially in a presidential election year, state capitols are once again center stage in the fight for better patient outcomes.

At the Chronic Disease Coalition, we have our eye on bills in at least 13 states so far in 2024 — you can check out our up-to-date policy map for the latest. (Note: If you are aware of a bill in your state that you’d like help on, and it isn’t on our map, reach out any time.)

Operating under our recently adopted policy principles of access, affordability, and representation, we are weighing on really transformational issues in key states.

*Take action on federal step therapy reform*

*Take action on California drug costs*

*Make sure kidney patients are covered in Nebraska*

This is just the beginning. A handful of states won’t begin their legislative sessions for another month or two; and we expect legislation in all states to really start moving in February, March and April. That is why it’s critical that we make our voices heard now, early in the process, so legislators know that these issues are priorities for the chronic disease community.

If you’re new to advocacy, there are many places to start. We would recommend watching our most recent Chronic University, in which we give advice on a wide variety of tactics (submitting testimony, joining our Ambassador program, scheduling coffee with your legislator, submitting an op-ed in your local paper, etc.). No matter where you’re at in your journey, just know we’re happy you’re here — and we can help if you need it.

We look forward to working with this amazing community of experts and advocates to advance these bills and more throughout the coming year. See you out there!