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12.21.16 As insurance companies discriminate against and make it more difficult for chronic disease patients to access the health care they need, many consumers have said enough is enough. And that number is growing. The Access to Marketplace Insurance Act (H.R. 3742), a bill seeking to end discrimination and ensure that all patients are able to maintain and access the care they need and deserve, has gained almost 150 cosponsors. You read that correctly – almost 150 members of Congress have shown bipartisan support for chronic disease patients thus far. The effort continues to gain momentum, and to celebrate the progress that we have all made together, the Chronic Disease Coalition would like to sincerely thank each and every person who has taken a stand for patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions here in the United States. An extra thank you goes out to our legislators in the Pacific Northwest who have voiced their support for the Access to Marketplace Insurance Act, including: Many organizations and advocates are working tirelessly to end discrimination against patients and ask both the federal government and their state governments to #LetCharitiesBeCharitable. The Chronic Disease Coalition will continue the good fight on behalf of the chronic disease community. If you haven’t made your voice be heard, now is the time. We urge you to stand up for the chronic disease community and tell Congress to protect assistance programs for individuals with chronic and life-threatening conditions! A simple letter is all that it takes. Please click here to send a letter to your representative in Congress. Be an advocate. Ensure your voice is heard.