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Here at the Chronic Disease Coalition, every month is Chronic Disease Month, but July is our opportunity to further amplify patient voices and continue to advocate for patient rights.

Each week in July, we are highlighting a different area of chronic disease advocacy to help bring you along in this journey. These themes – awareness, educations, access and action – will give a deep dive into how to be a better advocate in that space.

During this month, you can look forward to:

Want to get involved with us?

Learn to share your voice!

Chronic University: Policy Advocacy 101 will introduce the audience to different parts of the legislative advocacy world, with a special focus on citizen advocacy.

How do you contact a legislator? What type of messages resonate most? What can advocates do to ensure their legislators are representing chronic constituents?

Join us in a live conversation with legislators, lobbyists and advocates themselves to learn about what works and what doesn’t when advocating for chronic policy.


If you still have questions about Chronic Disease Month or how to get involved this July reach out to us today.