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5.2.16 Chronic disease or chronic illness can mean many things, including conditions ranging from diabetes, arthritis, MS and psoriasis to cancer and kidney disease, to rare diseases such as Guillain-Barre and chronic inflammatory syndromes, among others. We know discrimination based on chronic conditions is on the rise, as more and more health insurance companies look for ways to move people with these conditions off of their plans to avoid the expense of their medical care. But there are ways that we can all stand up to protect those living with chronic disease.
  1. Join the Chronic Disease Coalition – We’ll alert you when there’s an important new development that you can help with, and we won’t send you spam. We will arm you only with the information you need to help protect the chronically ill. These patients are often among the most vulnerable in our communities and need everyone to stand up for their rights. Learn more and join here:
  2. Become an advocate – If you have a chronic condition or know someone who does, consider becoming an advocate to help inform policymakers of discrimination so we can protect chronic disease patients. Tips on becoming an advocate can be found by clicking here.
  3. Stay up to date on the issues – Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be informed. You can also learn more about how health insurers are discriminating against patients here.
Chronic illness patients have enough to worry about – they shouldn’t have to worry about discrimination as well. Please join us and take a stand for people living with chronic diseases.