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12.14.17 Dealing with insurance companies can feel like an uphill battle. Reading through letters, deciphering medical bills, navigating technical jargon and legal language in health plan policies and spending hours on the phone can leave people feeling more confused than ever. That’s why our friends at Type One Nation, a social network geared towards patients with type 1 diabetes, put together an incredibly handy and informative insurance guide that can help you navigate the often complicated process of purchasing and understanding health insurance – whether you have diabetes or a different chronic disease. The guide is broken down into sections to help patients pick a plan, apply for prior authorization, appeal a denial, request an exception, work with their employer and get help with costs. It also includes a glossary of terms. By providing resources and raising awareness, Type One Nation has been able to help diabetes patients work through choosing the best insurance plan for their situation. Testimonials about the guide have been overwhelmingly positive so far, with one noting: “When I had to change plans, I felt like I was reading Greek! Taking the time to understand what [insurance companies] are trying to say makes it easier to communicate, though, and ultimately saves me time by avoiding confusion between me, my doctor and my insurance company.” While the guide is often diabetes-specific, there are several tools and resources that are universally helpful for anyone with a chronic disease. At the Chronic Disease Coalition, it’s our goal to help connect chronic disease patients with helpful resources to make sure they’re receiving the best care possible.