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The Chronic Disease Coalition attended the American Association of Kidney Patient’s (AAKP) 43rd annual patient meeting, which took place between June 7-10th. Held in St. Petersburg, Florida, the conference is the largest of its kind in the United States. With a primary focus on education, innovation and advocacy, the three-day event is filled with informational sessions for patients, caregivers and medical professionals to learn how to be effective and informative advocates. Patients and advocates from across the country attended the conference to network and learn about current policy issues that directly impact them. Experts hosted informational sessions, intended to teach patients how to strongly advocate using social media, tips and tricks on how to manage the early stages of kidney disease, the latest scientific research on kidney disease and dialysis and information on transplantation, among other topics. As an exhibitor, the Chronic Disease Coalition participated in several breakout sessions, met with patients, shared stories and resources and learned how to be a better partner with the kidney community. Not only did we meet with current ambassadors and superstars Jim Meyers and Janice Starling, we also met veteran advocate Curtis Warfield, a patient-turned-advocate. Our slogan for the weekend – patients over profits – was popular among many participants, who often felt like their best interests were pushed aside by powerful insurance companies. The Chronic Disease Coalition is proud to support organizations like the AAKP and we look forward to having the chance to attend future conferences.