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Nearly 133 million Americans are currently battling chronic health conditions like kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, diabetes or others, and the number continues to rapidly grow. By 2020, an estimated 157 million Americans will battle one or more chronic conditions. Each year on July 10, the chronic disease community comes together to recognize Chronic Disease Day. We use this day to lift voices that often go unheard and to acknowledge the millions of patients who silently suffer from an “invisible” disease. For many chronic disease patients, this day provides an opportunity to speak freely about their experience with a chronic illness, and many emphasize the role that advocacy plays in helping navigate a complicated health care system that is propped up by an insurance industry that values profits over people. The Chronic Disease Coalition first supported the Texas-based advocacy organization Good Days in their effort to have states and cities proclaim July 10, as Chronic Disease Day three years ago. Since then, countless states and cities have issued formal proclamations, declaring July 10, as Chronic Disease Day. From Frisco, TX to Chicago, IL, cities and states all over the country today will encourage patients to speak up and tell their story. Scott Bruun, Executive Director of the Chronic Disease Coalition, expressed his support for Chronic Disease Day, stating in a press release: “Although few chronic diseases are preventable, we must still increase disease awareness, promote early detection methods, improve access to appropriate medical treatment and encourage healthy lifestyles. We also must protect patients’ rights and recognize that discrimination against chronic disease patients, often by health insurers, is on the rise.” Join us in recognizing Chronic Disease Day on social media, where you can join the conversation on Twitter and on Facebook.