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12.29.16 A new website is helping individuals understand their medical insurance coverage rights and challenge decisions if their health insurer delays or refuses to cover prescribed treatments. will help individuals not only to identify insurance barriers, it will also equip them with the necessary information to challenge health insurers’ adverse benefit decisions based on potentially illegal practices. The website comes at a time when health plans’ denial rates routinely exceed 20 percent, according to a news announcement from the Alliance for the Adoption for Innovations in Medicine, or Aimed Alliance, which launched the “Know Your Health Insurance Rights” campaign on Dec. 8, 2016. Aimed Alliance is a Washington, D.C., nonprofit organization working to increase access to evidence-based treatments and technologies. “Even as most Americans pay higher monthly premiums for their health insurance than a year ago, many are not receiving the type of care they pay for and deserve,” said Stacey Worthy, executive director of Aimed Alliance, in a news release. “This is why we launched the Know Your Health Insurance Rights campaign – to provide a roadmap so consumers will have the know-how to successfully navigate the insurance appeals process.” The website offers a clickable map so you can target your state’s appeal process. It also outlines some of the discriminatory insurance barriers being seen in many states, such as step therapy, adverse tiering, nonmedical switching and prior authorization requirements (click here to read more about insurance issues from the Chronic Disease Coalition). To find out more about the initiative, download an educational brochure or learn about appeals in your state, visit