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3.25.16 Sure, you’ve followed us on Facebook or Twitter – why should you also join the Chronic Disease Coalition as well?
  1. Joining the CDC means you’ll be alerted when there’s an important new development facing people with chronic diseases or when there’s a way you can stand up for their rights. It can be as simple as clicking a button or putting your name on a list – we’ll let you know when we need your help to stand up for patients who need our help.
  2. Chronic disease affects minorities disproportionately. That means problems faced by the chronically ill are disproportionately burdening minority populations in the United States. If you care about issues affecting minority groups, you should care about the CDC.
  3. Our supporters and size show our strength, giving us influence when there’s an issue coming before lawmakers. Signing up gives the CDC its strength to advocate for the needs of patients with chronic conditions.
  4. We aren’t a fundraising group – we won’t send you emails asking for money. We won’t send you spam or sell your information to anyone. We will arm you with the information you want and need to protect the chronically ill.
  5. Chronic disease patients are among some of the most vulnerable people in our nation. These patients have enough to worry about – they shouldn’t have to worry about getting the treatments they need. The vulnerable and sick need help from everyone to stand up for their rights.
Please join the Chronic Disease Coalition today!