Take action now! Urge Idaho’s Department of Insurance to withdraw Draft Bulletin 16-04 and protect patients’ rights



Idaho residents living with chronic illnesses including diabetes, MS, kidney disease, bleeding disorders and autoimmune diseases face a major threat to their future ability to pay for their health care.

The Idaho Department of Insurance last week issued Draft Bulletin 16-04, which would allow insurance companies to discriminate against patients with chronic conditions by rejecting premium and co-pay assistance from legitimate charitable organizations currently providing financial assistance to those in need.

Whether you’re a patient with one of these chronic conditions, an advocate for consumer rights or someone who simply wants to stand up to discrimination against vulnerable populations, please join us in sending letters to the Idaho Department of Insurance asking them to withdraw Draft Bulletin 16-04.

We’ve provided a draft email at http://chronicdiseasecoalition.com/idaho-action-alert/. Please click the link to send a letter and ensure your voice is heard!

The deadline to submit comments is 5 pm on Friday, May 27. More information on sending comments to withdraw Draft Bulletin 16-04 can be found on the state website by clicking here. You can read more about recent cases of patient discrimination in Idaho at:

Please make sure your voice is heard, and share this information with family and friends. We can all work together to fight discrimination against patients with chronic conditions!