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Chronic Disease Month (July) serves as an annual occasion to recognize the advancements achieved on behalf of chronic disease patients throughout the nation. Our efforts throughout the year revolve around amplifying the patient perspective in legislative dialogues, advocating for patient-centric policies, and enhancing health outcomes for the countless Americans grappling with chronic illnesses.

And every year, our amazing ambassadors, staff, and partners request that their governors join our effort and formally proclaim July 10 as Chronic Disease Day in their states. This date symbolizes the alarming statistic that 7 out of 10 deaths in America are attributed to chronic diseases, resulting in nearly 1.7 million lives lost each year.

This year, we are so grateful to the many governors that have joined the effort to raise awareness and issued formal proclamations – including:

We hope you’ll join us in thanking the governors on social media, and joining the chorus of patient voices that hereby proclaim the month of July Chronic Disease Month and July 10 as Chronic Disease Day nationwide.

WHEREAS: Chronic disease affects millions throughout the United States; and

WHEREAS: The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of learning about and protecting those with hidden and sometimes debilitating conditions; and

WHEREAS: The cost of health care continues to rise across the country and accessible affordable care must be prioritized in order to protect our most vulnerable community members; and

WHEREAS: Widespread awareness, increased community engagement and ongoing advocacy is critical to improving patients’ quality of life and access to care; and

WHEREAS: Chronic Disease Day is supported by the Chronic Disease Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness, protecting the rights of chronic disease patients and advocating for patient-first policies throughout the United States.


THEREFORE: We, the Chronic Disease Coalition, a leading nationwide nonprofit dedicated to defending and expanding the rights of chronic disease patients, hereby proclaim July 10, 2022 to be

Chronic Disease Day

in the United States and encourage all Americans to join in this observance.