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July is Chronic Disease Month, a time when we celebrate the progress made for people with chronic diseases across the country — but also raise awareness about what it’s going to take to improve outcomes for our community. All year, we work hard to make sure patients' voices are heard in legislative discussions, push for policies that put patients first, and improve health outcomes for the millions of Americans dealing with chronic illnesses.

Every year, our ambassadors, staff, and partners ask governors to join us in officially declaring July 10 as Chronic Disease Day in their states. Proclamations are a key tool in our efforts to raise awareness.

The July 10 date itself highlights a shocking fact: 7 out of 10 deaths in America are due to chronic diseases, which means about 1.7 million people die from them each year.

In 2024, we're grateful to all the governors who have helped raise awareness by issuing formal proclamations, including:

This year, the proclamations reflect the ongoing challenges that chronic disease patients have in access to affordable healthcare as well as the impacts that lack of quality care have on their ability to participate in the workforce, care for their families, and live their best lives. They read:

WHEREAS: Chronic disease affects hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout STATE and millions throughout the United States; and

WHEREAS: At a time when new treatments are being developed and diseases that were once life-ending are now survivable and manageable, patients continue to struggle to access affordable and effective healthcare; and

WHEREAS: Patients with chronic diseases want care that will restore their ability to work, care for their families, and live lives of purpose; and

WHEREAS: The cost of health care continues to rise across the country, increasing barriers to health and endangering our most vulnerable community members; and

WHEREAS: Widespread awareness, increased community engagement and ongoing advocacy is critical to improving patients’ quality of life and access to care; and

WHEREAS: Chronic Disease Day is supported by the Chronic Disease Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness, protecting the rights of chronic disease patients and advocating for patient-first policies throughout the United States.

NOW, THEREFORE: I, GOVERNOR FIRST AND LAST NAME, Governor of the State of STATE, hereby proclaim July 10, 2024 (or the month of July 2024) to be Chronic Disease Day (Month) in STATE and encourage all STATE RESIDENTS (ex. New Yorkers) to join in this observance.